Thinking of trying out SkinnyFit Detox? WATCH THIS!

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Got my SkinnyFit in the mail and I’m loving it so far! Shop everything SkinnyFit here ➡️


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  1. I wish there was a loose tea alternative because I'm trying to cut back on buying so much plastic 😫


  3. Did it come with the bottle?

  4. I'm sure you still have to work out lightly

  5. Can you drink it at night before bed ???? Or in the morning better?

  6. I really liked this tea. I'm super sad though, because I know I still had a decent amount left and my bag disappeared 😭😭 I don't know if I lost it, it got thrown away, or someone took it. I'm gonna have to buy more though!

  7. I just got it. My first week I weight 210 lbs. We will see if it works.

  8. What a lie. It doesn't work at all. I bought it last week and it's waste of money

  9. Is this drink also okay for men?

  10. I will it out thanks for the information

  11. No tea would burn unnecessary kilos for you. First of all, you need to follow a healthy diet, regularly eat meals and, above all, do some sport, even running. Tea could be nice supplement and could do very good. There are so many types of teas that you can choose your whole life and not find a perfect one. My favorite is red tea, it tastes great and is a nice complement to my diet. Thanks to that i start dropping extra weight If you want to learn more, I invite you to my website:

  12. Does this make you run to the bathroom a lot? I ask because I’m a manager and jus wanna make sure i know what to expect.

  13. Did you continue using this and if so, how much did you lose and how long did it take?

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